August 17, 2022
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    Security measures for state employees Featured

    The Public Administration Ministry in a circular addressing security in the office premises has announced that female government officers should wear Saree/Osari as part of compulsory security measures.The circular which was by signed by Public Administration Secretary J.J. Rathnasiri notes that men would have to be clad in a shirt/trouser or the national dress.

    These regulations had been imposed after considering the gazette notifications 2121/01 and 2123/04 which imposes a ban on face covering garments, the circular reads.Employees who have been provided an official uniform or are receiving a uniform allowance will be allowed to wear their respective uniforms. This group includes drivers, office assistants, Grama Niladhari officers and other related position.

    According to the circular, pregnant women are allowed to wear an appropriate attire of their choice for their convenience.Meanwhile, female employees who require wearing an additional garment according to their religion, will be allowed to do so but must dress themselves mainly in a Saree/Osari. However, that too should be done in a manner in which their full face is exposed for easy identification, the circular emphasised.

    The Public Administration Secretary also urged the heads of institutions to impose laws in order to ensure that people who enter state institutions to obtain services, must also clad themselves in an outfit which enables clear identification.

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