August 17, 2022
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    Committee of Six Experts to probe Kurunegala doctor’s conduct

    A Committee of Six Experts has been appointed to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the controversy relating to the doctor of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital who was taken into custody recently, Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said. The said doctor was arrested over several allegations including earnings of large wealth by suspicious means and over 10 complaints for carrying out illegal sterilization procedures.

    “The Committee which is to investigate into the matter includes three experts from the Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and one expert from the Medical Council,” Minister Senaratne further said. “If proven guilty, strict action will be taken against the said doctor under Health Ministry rules and regulations and by the ordinary law of the country as well,” the Minister said.
    Minister Senaratne made these observations at a press briefing held at Temple Trees yesterday evening. Speaking further on the matter, Minister Senaratne said, “It is important to conduct a proper investigation on this allegation. First, the media reports stated 4,000 sterilizations was done by this doctor. Then, it became 8,000 caesarian operations. As much as I know, there is a group of experts to carry out a caesarian operation.
    One person cannot conduct an operation alone. Anyway, let us wait until the Committee of Experts look into this matter and find out the truth.” Minister Senaratne observed that the said doctor will be suspended depending on the findings of the preliminary investigations until a comprehensive formal investigation is conducted. Meanwhile, Minister Senaratne denied the allegations that he is trying to influence the investigations carried out on the said doctor.
    “How can the Health Ministry or I influence the investigations carried out by the CID? Presently, it is the CID carrying out investigations and then the Health Ministry will commence its investigation.” Senaratne questioned. Minister Senaratne also denied the allegation that he has contacted the Director of the Kurunegala Hospital over the said investigation.
    Asked if the Health Ministry or the Minister has received a complaint against the said doctor over the disappearance of a child, Minister Senaratne said that he has not received such a report. Asked if the Minister did or did not receive a report prepared by the Kurunegala hospital following an internal investigation on the said matter as dated May 13, 2019, Minister Senaratne said that he did not receive such a report.
    When asked, Minister Senaratne affirmed that the Health Ministry Secretary has informed the Director of Kurunegala Hospital to let the Ministry carry out the communication with media concerning the matter. “We cannot allow all Hospital Directors to hold press briefings. If that become a habit, even Sri Lanka military forces will start holding press conferences,” he pointed out.
    Asked if the Minister is to transfer the said Hospital Director following the press conference, Senaratne said that the necessary action will be taken by the Ministry Secretary as it is their responsibility. Asked about the allegation made by Western Province Governor Azath Salley on the suspicions of DIG Police of the Kurunegala District having suspicions about the conduct of the doctor, Minister Senaratne said that any responsible person has the right to be suspicious and act accordingly to get clarifications.

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