May 28, 2022
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    Cabinet Decisions- 20.12.2021 Featured

    December 21, 2021

     Decisions taken at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on 20.12.2021

    1 Signing the agreement on banning nuclear weapons.

    The first ever multi-lateral agreement on banning nuclear weapons applicable globally for banning nuclear weapons at a wider sphere was signed on the 07 th July 2017 at the
    United Nations Organization with the collaboration of 122 countries. The accord was effective since 26 th January 2021 while 86 parties have ratified the accord and 57 nations
    have disengaged. Sri Lanka has also voted for the passing this accord supporting the endeavor and promoting the universal adjustments constantly. The accord bans
    development of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosives, experimenting, manufacturing / designing, production, exchange, keep in possession, storing as well
    threatening of using them or allowing to station such weaponry and assisting / hosting, encouraging or motivating any party to engage in such activity to the partner nations of
    this accord. Signing of this accord is fully in accordance and stands with the Sri Lankan policy standard of massacre weapons and nuclear disarmament policy. Therefore, the
    Cabinet of Ministers agreed to the proposal submitted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to sign this accord and to initiate the applicable national legal formulation review with
    the objective of finalizing the ratification process as soon as possible.

    2 Entering into a memorandum of understanding for study exchange and cooperation between the University of Moratuwa and the Osaka City University of Japan.

    A proposal has been tabled to sign a memorandum of understanding for study exchange and cooperation between the University of Moratuwa and the Osaka City University of
    Japan. It is expected to implement professors and university lecturers exchange programmes, solidarity research and combined study meetings, conduct workshops, and exchange information, publications and materials for study purposes under this memorandum of understanding to be effective for a period of five (05) years. Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution furnished by the Minister of Education to sign the said memorandum of understanding.

    3 Revising the number of subsidy instalments for rubber re-cultivation and new cultivation.


    According to the current investment subsidy scheme implemented to encourage rubber cultivation, the subsidy per hectare for rubber re-cultivations and new cultivations is paid in eight instalments over a period of seven years. Accordingly, Rs. 350,000 per hectare is paid for rubber re-cultivations and Rs. 300,000 per hectare for new rubber cultivation in 8 instalments. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal presented by Hon. Minister of plantation to pay this subsidy amount paid for rubber re-
    cultivations and new cultivations in 05 instalments without changing the relevant amount and to provide an incentive of Rs. 14,000 per hectare for cultivations showingrubber plants up to 50cm in growth within 5 years of planting in order to encourage the rubber cultivators by overcoming the shortcomings of the methodology currently in operation.


    4 Concession to revive the tourism industry affected by the Covid 19 epidemic. With a view to reviving the tourism industry affected by the epidemic, on January 18,2021, Cabinet of Ministers decided to grant a concession to tourist accommodation providers until February 28, 2021 for the payment of electricity bills. But the expected
    growth has not taken place due to the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic again since April 2021. Therefore, taking into consideration the proposal made by the Minister of
    tourism, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to extend the grace period from March 1, 2021 for another 2 years.


    5 Allotting a portion of land to the popular singer Yohani Dileka De Silva.

    Popular singer Yohani Diloka de Silva, who brought international fame to the country, has been nominated for esteemed by various parties as well as in Parliament. Accordingly, Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal made by the Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister of Buddha Sasana, Religious and Cultural Affairs to allot
    a 9.68 perch land adjoining to the lands leased to members of the 1996 World Cup winning cricket team on a 99-year lease basis, located at Robert Gunawardena Mawatha, Battaramulla, belonging to the Urban Development Authority to Popular Artist Yohani Dileka De Silva.


    6 The civil Aviation Act No.01 of 2018 (Issuance of Licenses for the Employees and Training Institutes) Order.


    The civil Aviation Act No.01 of 2018 (Issuance of Licenses for the Employees and Training Institutes) Order has been published in the Extraordinary Gazette No.2078/22 dated 3rd of July,2018 and has been issued under the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act No.14 of 2010 in the view of ensure the sustainable growth of the Civil Aviation of Sri Lanka with International Responsibility, a Secure and Safe environment which has been assigned to the government under the Chicago Convention. According to the Section 119 of the Civil Aviation Act, Every Order which is published in the government gazette should be submitted to the Parliament immediately for the approval. Accordingly, the proposal tabled by the Minister of Tourism to submit the said order which was published in the gazette dated 3rd of July,2018, was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.


    7 Policies and Guidelines for granting Reparations under the Office for Reparation Act No.34 of 2018.

    The Reparation Office has been established under the provisions of the act no.34 of 2018 to identify aggrieved persons eligible for reparations and to provide for the provisions of individual and collective reparations to such persons. The reparation office should make policies for granting reparations and prepare Criteria for identifying the eligibility of aggrieved persons under the provisions of the section 11 of the act. Accordingly, the policies and guidelines have been made inquiring the relevant parties by the said office. The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Justice to submit the said policies and guidelines to the Parliament and publish in the Gazette thereafter. 


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