February 28, 2024
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    New circular for school safety

    Having though to strengthen the safety of school population the Education Ministry has issued a circular bearing No. 25/2019 to ensure safety of students, teachers and the non-academic staffers.With this circular, which issued in addition to the earlier circular 17/2011, a comprehensive security plan will be in force in and around school premises to ensure the safety of students, teachers and the non-academic staffers.

    Under the guidance of this circular measures will be taken to make the school community aware of the steps taken to improve safety. Accordingly they will be educated to take measures in a disaster, identity dangerous situation and so on. Besides, it has been directed to establish School Protection Committees and several sub committees aiming to ensure the security inside the school premises. These committees comprise of the principal, parents, teachers, past pupils and the well-wishers. Moreover school community has been made aware about the moves carried out in relation with the school safety by the circular.

    Under this it is advised to check the in and around the school premises to ascertain whether there is no threat to the safety of students and staff. In addition steps are taken to minimize the traffic jam in front of schools especially during the opening and closing times of schools, prove the identity of persons enter to the school premises and a few more directives.

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