February 28, 2024
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    Be alert, avoid gatherings, Army tells School children

    The Sri Lanka Army has advised school children to be on alert by avoiding contact with strangers and staying away from unidentified parcels,food packets and other objects. The Army has underscored the importance of following these guidelines for the safety of all.

    In a special statement issued to schools children and parents, the Sri Lanka Army has advised parents to accompany their children to school and avoid large gatherings for the safety of all. The special public advisory issued by the Sri Lanka Army considering the safety of school children is as follows:
    Sri Lanka Army requests children to be on alert inside and outside their schools and not to accept any gifts or parcels from outsiders. Parents should also take necessary steps to educate children, asking them not to touch any unidentified or unattended parcel, gifts, toys or any food packets left or kept by the roadside or anywhere else including public transport. Children are also advised to inform parents or guardians of any suspicious person or parcel and should always try to avoid large gatherings.
    It has also stressed the imporatance of elders accompanying children to school. “Ensure that children are always accompanied by parents or guardians to school and that they get back home as soon as possible without loitering. Parents should also be vigilant about rumour mongers.School children should also avoid gathering near the school main gate during starting hours and finishing hours of the school sessions.
    Any information regarding suspicious movements, parcels or persons could be conveyed immediately to the nearest Army camp or Police Station. The public is urged to assist the Security Forces during search operations and remain calm without panicking under any circumstances. Attempts by children to take photographs or capture video images of bomb disposal movements during in any emergency situation is also ill-advised.


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