February 28, 2024
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    Ministry to take action against sabotage school activities

    The Ministry of Education has taken steps to commence the schools on Monday (06) following the announcement by the Security Forces that the security in and around schools has been confirmed. Accordingly, the number of students attending schools is increasing and the education activities of the schools are getting normal and the Ministry of Education has instructed all the heads of schools to take steps to hold the academic activities normally.

    However, the Ministry of Education says it has received many complaints that some groups are making statements to disrupt the school activities and some principals and teachers have also been forcing the school children not to attend the schools.

    The Ministry of Education has decided to take disciplinary action against such individuals and groups who engage in disruptive acts for various narrow political purposes and opportunistic personal goals. Accordingly, the Ministry of Education has issued a communiqu� announcing that information will be given to the Criminal Investigations Department regarding such individuals and groups for legal action.


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