July 01, 2022
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    A Fruit Promotional Week from July 14=21 Featured

    July 13, 2014

    The fruit festival will be held at the Fruit Crop Research and Development Centre premises in Kananwila Horana under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa on Monday. The Agriculture Ministry with the aim of bringing awareness  among people of the importance of  consuming fruits has organized this fruit promotional week  from July 14 to 21.


     High quality fruit plants, planting materials, fertilizer, agro-chemicals and technical guidance will be available for sale at the stalls.  Fruit plants also will be distributed  among fruit cultivators of selected fruit villages, free of charge.


    Fruit  and  Vegetable  Sector  has  much  potential  to contribute  to increase  the  level  of  national income,  export  revenue,  generate  new  employment  opportunities, increase  farm  income  and enhance the nutrition and health of the people. The potential for cultivating fruit and vegetable crops for the domestic and export markets is high.


    Sri  Lanka’s  per  capita  consumption  of  fruits  and vegetables  remains  far  below  the  required average daily intake. For example the recommended daily intake of vegetables is at least 200g vegetables,  but  an  average  Sri  Lankan consumes  only  about  94g  per  day,  way  below  the recommended level

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