June 26, 2022
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    Govt. approves to implement Project "Respect Yourself Respect Others"

    July 14, 2014

    "Respect Yourself Respect Others (RYRO) is a massive social impact project to be initiated by the National School of Business Management Ltd. (NSBM) functioning under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Skills Development. It uses a scientifically designed innovative mechanism to change both aggressive and passive types of rnindsets, especially of the youth, which are harmful to social development, to personalities who respect themselves and respect others.

    RYRO will be launched with a massive media coverage to gain island wide recognition and to socialize this novel concept.  Also Regional and International based programmes will be held for the establishment of RYRO movements inside each institution in order to develop the personalities and will be connected through RYRO network using digital media.


    As a programme targeting the whole society the RYRO is poised to make the entire country a nation with self-disciplined citizens, making the most historic contribution to the ssocial development of modern Sri Lanka, which is rebuilding after the three decade of brutal war.  


    The project will reach all the stakeholders in the society including Schools, Universities, Higher Educational Institutes, Government and Semi-Government Institutions, Private Sector Organizations, Political Establishments, Security and Civil Protection Authorities, Grama Sewa Divisions and Media Institutions.The proposal made by Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Youth\ Affairs and Skills Development, to proceed with the relevant activities, was approved by the Cabinet.


    At the completion, individuals who have taken the RYRO as a tool to eliminate a problem in their organizations or social group will be recognized in national level as RYRO Heroes of the nation.  The winning projects will be accepted as pilot projects and implemented in other related fields in large scale.(KH/SI)


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