June 26, 2022
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    Dengue Control Week in Matara

    July 17, 2014

    As there is a tendency for the spread of dengue in the Matara District, A Dengue Control Week will be operative from the 21st to 26th of this month.

    A public awareness program to control dengue mosquitos will be organized.  The five days have been designated under different titles, like Environment Day, Provincial Council Day,  Danger Awareness Day, Education Day and also Inspection Day.  It has been arranged to examine all public and private premises -  religious places, bus depots, private tuition classes, cemeteries,  municipal drains as well as construction and work sites, abandoned lands, all private and public  universities and higher educational institutes, nursery schools and residences where mosquitoes can breed will be examined and cleaned. Additionally awareness programmes also will be held.


    This has been organized on the advice of District Secretary Matara, Ms.H.E.A.C.Vidanagamachchi and all public institutions like the District Secretariat and the Provincial Councils will participate.(KH/SI)


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