May 22, 2022
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    Minister Yapa emphasizes need for a Sustainable Energy Consumption Method

    May 29, 2014

    The inaugural ceremony of the South Asian Ozone Officers Network Meeting was held on May 27, with the participation of Anura Priyadarshana Yapa, Minister of Petroleum Industries as the Chief Guest at the Grand Oriental Hotel, Colombo. The meeting will be held until May 30.

    Addressing the ceremony the Minister said that our ancestors have not consumed environmental resources considering economical facts or benefits but in a sustainable manner. The Minister pointed out how under British Colonial rule commercialism affected the country's environment. Furthermore, by the energy based life style occurred with the prevalence of industrialism and commercialism,  threats to sustainability of natural resources and environmental components have severely increased said the Minister. Thereby, the tendency for inbalance in the environmental systems, climate change and natural hazards have increased, The Minister emphasized.

    As a country Sri Lanka continues to be an active country in the phasing out of ozone depleting substances and is well ahead of developing countries in fulfilling the Protocol said the Minister.


    The Minister while reiterating that Sri Lanka has taken many steps to protect the Ozone Layer said the establishment of the National Ozone Unit in 1994 is one of them, and action has already been taken to minimize economical activities that cause greenhouse effects.
    The Minister further said that climate changes occur before the predicted period because of the increased greenhouse gas emission. Therefore it is important to prepare a sustainable energy consuming method in line with environmental conservation.
    South Asian Ozone Officers Network Meeting is organized by the United Nations Environment programme (UNEP) in collaboration with the National Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Environment and Renewable Energy. Delegates of the UN Environment Programme, UN Development Fund and 20 Asian countries participated in the meeting.

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