January 29, 2022
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    NMRA refutes reports on withdrawn of essential drugs Featured

    October 17, 2018

    Refuting recent media report on many essential drugs being withdrawn from Sri Lanka in the private media the chairman of National medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) specialist doctor Ajith de silva said today that sales of the most popular medicines produces in developed world has been increase after the price controlling.

    Addressing media conference at the auditorium of the Department of Government Information at this afternoon Dr . de Silva explain that although some brand of drugs have been pulled out from the market but sales of many expensive medicinal drugs have been increase by more than 100% , in some cases in 300% .

    Considering in the difficulties of the medical service in the country. The present government was established National medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) to protect the people from high prices and the low quality of the drugs by introducing taxation and quality assurance .

    The main name of the NMRA is to protect people from burden of the high expenditure of medical product, which was 50% of private expenditure in Sri Lanka Dr. de Silva said .

    Member of the authority specialist Drs, Prathiba wijayavicrama, Nissanka yatavara , Lakkumar Fernando also participated in this conference .

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