January 28, 2021
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    Stern regulatory measures are followed to improve the quality of reclaim tea - Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana

    November 28, 2020

    Stern regulatory measures have been taken to improve the quality of reclaim tea Plantation Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said in Parliament Nov; (26).

    He was responding to a question raised by Parliamentarian Udayana C. Kiridiyagoda regarding the quality of reclaim tea which is commonly known as refused tea at the Ministerial Consultative Committee on Plantation.

    Speaking further the Minister said that all tea processing factories will be subjected to an inspection on required standards and licenses will be issued only to those factories which meet the 80% limit.
    Speaking further the Minister said that a standard inspection is being carried out in every tea refining factory. Only factories that meet the 80% limit will be licensed Inspections are being carried out and license have been issued for only two factories in the Ambalangoda area and in Gampola area license have been issued for only 26 out of 172 factories , the Minister said.

    The Minister further stated that although seven days have been given for transportation previously, it has now been reduced to two days and these will be inspected by the Tea Board during loading and unloading.

    The Minister stressed that it is gratifying that the price of rubber in Sri Lanka has increased and that the Ministry is focusing on uplifting the rubber industry. Restrictions have been
    imposed on the import of rubber, since the import of rubber cannot be stopped completely said the Minister.

    He also said that a large-scale tire factory is planned to be set up in Hambantota at a cost of US $ 300 million and this will be a great benefit to the rubber manufacturers. The Minister also said that the Board of Investment had approved last week a project to be launched with the Chinese company ;Hainan Rubber Group ; worth US $ 1.8 billion, which is expected to be the largest investment in the plantation industry by 2021.

    The Minister said that, the Ministry is now focusing on further regulating the sale of coconut lands since the sale of coconut lands has become a serious crisis. The Minister also drew attention to the need to formulate a methodology for obtaining a license to cut down coconut trees.

    MP Palani Digambaram pointed out the importance of finding a proper solution to the problem of wasp attacks on the people in the plantation areas. The Minister said that
    solutions will be provided for this as soon as possible.

    The Gal-oya Plantations (Pvt) Limited, which is 51% owned by the government, has been involved in a number of irregularities in the recent past and it is important to look into this matter immediately, said MP Madura Vithanage. Minister Ramesh Pathirana stated that the Ministry will pay immediate attention with regard to this matter.

    In addition, attention was drawn to the development of palmyra cultivation in the Northern Province, the development of kithul cultivation in the country and the establishment of a system to provide relief to farmers for the preservation of minor export crops.

    State Minister of Company Estate Reforms, Tea and Rubber Estates Related Crops Cultivation and Factories Modernization and Tea and Rubber Export Promotion Kanaka Herath , State Minister of Coconut, Kithul and Palmyrah Cultivation Promotion and Related Industrial Product Manufacturing & Export Diversification Arundika Fernando , State Minister of Development of Minor Crops including Sugarcane, Maize, Cashew, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves, Betel Related Industries and Export Promotion Janaka Wakkumbura Members of Parliament Palani Digambaran,, Udayana Kiridiyagoda and a number of government officials were present at this meeting.

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