May 08, 2021
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    Today is World Hearing Day

    March 03, 2021

    10% of the world's population suffers from hearing loss. Awareness programs are being conducted around the world marking World Hearing Day.


    The Association of ENT Surgeons of Sri Lanka held a press conference at the Colombo National Hospital today to mark World Hearing Day.

    Addressing the press conference, ENT surgeon Dr. Yasas Weerakkodi of Ragama Hospital said, just as deafness can cause communication problems, it can lead to memory loss as well. There are many preventable causes of deafness.

    The main objective of the media conference held today on the occasion of World Hearing Day was to reduce deafness by educating the public about these causes, he said.

    ENT surgeon Dr. Chandra Jayasuriya of National Hospital stated people in our country use cotton buds, ear spoons, earplugs, keys, fingers and many other things that can damage the ear. She pointed out that it is best to roll a single piece of tissue paper by hand and put it in the ear for ear itching. It is also advisable to use olive oil or glycerin to remove earwax if necessary.

    The ENT Surgeons' Association is developing a program to test the baby's hearing as soon as the baby is born, and hopes to test the hearing of every newborn soon before leaving the hospital.

    ENT surgeon Dr. Sithara Dissanayake said an ear infection or a problem in-ears will be indicated through soreness, noise, dizziness, or a foul-smelling discharge.

    Some hearing loss can be treated with medication and some hearing loss may require hearing aids. Hearing aids should be utilized on a doctor's prescription.

    She also said that if a person is working in a place that generates loud noise, such as in a factory, he should wear ear protection.

    If an external substance gets stuck in the ear, it is advisable to go to the doctor and remove it. ENT surgeon Dr. Sithara Dissanayake further added that if there is any problem in hearing or any defect in the ear it is mandatory to attend clinics on hearing care and receive treatments properly.

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