July 27, 2021
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    Medicine can be delivered to home through post by calling the hospital and giving the clinic number and home address - Dr. Champika Wickramasinghe

    June 13, 2021

    Deputy Director General of Noncommunicable Diseases Unit, Dr. Champika Wickramasinghe stated that due to the prevailing pandemic situation and travel restrictions, people can get their medicine delivered home by post through calling the hospital they normally receive their medicine and giving the clinic number and home address.


    She stated this while participating in a media briefing held at the Health Promotion Bureau on the 11th regarding the current COVID situation in the country.

    The telephone numbers of the hospitals can be gained through the official website of the Ministry of Health, health.gov.lk, and by giving the name, address and clinic number of the relevant hospitals, medicines for at least two months can be delivered to home within a few days.

    She said that if anyone encounters an inconvenience in calling the hospital, two special hotline numbers have been introduced to gain further details in this regard; 0720720720 for Sinhala and 0720606060 for Tamil.

    Deputy Director General also explained that mobile clinics were conducted in the Colombo Municipal Council area as well as in some other high risk areas for people who could not attend clinics and through these mobile clinics patients' blood sugar levels, blood pressure, etc.were checked and medicines were given.

    Moreover, people who have received medicines from private pharmacies via online can also access the official website of the Ministry of Health and get WhatsApp, Viber and Emo numbers of all the pharmacies.

    She further said that if any individual is experiencing a problem with their health condition, they can call the hospital and a doctor will be contacted and arrangements will be made to examine them.

    Dr. Champika Wickramasinghe requested the public to try not to use walking paths for exercise these days and engage in exercises at home and if they are experiencing any fatigue, cough, fever, she asked them to refrain from exercising.

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