May 28, 2022
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    June 13, 2014

    The Ex National Football players are to play a friendly against each other and then to form a Society to develop many beneficial for its members in the time to come. This was revealed at the media conference held at the FFSL by the convening group including Sampath Perera Former Captain and National Coach,

    Alfred Dias Ex-National Player, Joseph Shanthakumar [Raza] Ex -National Player and Thilak Alponso - Ex National Player.  Mr Anura De Silva the Director Operation FFSL and a Former National Captain delivering the welcome address expressed his gratitude for the initiative and extended fullest corporation of FFSL for the activities of the Ex National Players.  Mr. Rahula Siriwardena the Assistant General Secretary of FFSL said that he proposed to have a Ex National Players association way back but it did not materialized due to unknown reasons. He also said that it is very timely to form an association and conveyed the blessings and assistance of FFSL President, Mr. Ranjith Rodrigo.

    The Vice President of FFSL Mr. Sunil Senaweera briefed the media on the objectives of a formation of Ex National football players Association and said to is time to enhance their well being as the Today's youth will look at the Ex National players and Models and then join the game. So if we neglect the ex national players well being it will be a negative factor for development of the game and attraction to the young players to the game. He thanked the present President FFSL for being very positive to assist the Ex national football players in a possible way and should develop a time line for implementation he advised.

    Mr, Sampath Perera former national Captained National Coach outlined how the 4 of them decided to have a day for Ex National players and then to expand it to be a formidable outfit  specially to assist the well being of past players who had brought honor and sweat for the country but needs some assistance later part of their life journey. he said "we have to start from somewhere and then design the pathway and the day is 15th June where over 80 Ex National payers will participate in some games each other and then follow up with a fellowship. He says there are over 300 such Ex National Players are living and they will communicate to them to be members and then elect the office bearers to run a smooth Independent Association for the benefit of its members.
    They will felicitate 6 Ex National Stars on the occasion namely

    1]      P. D. Sirisena
    2]      L. A. Ranbanda
    3]      H. A. Jayatissa
    4]      Subani Hashimdeen
    5]      Piyadasa Perera
    6]      S.P de Silva

    The Head Table: - From Left Joseph Shanthakumar [Raza],Sampath Perera Former Captain and National Coach, Vice President of FFSL Mr. Sunil Senaweera, Mr. Rahula Siriwardena the Assistant General Secretary ,Mr.Anura De Silva Director Operations of FFSL , AlFred Dias Ex  National Player.(HC/SI)

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