August 17, 2022
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    “Let’s Stand together for the Country” National Development Program - Gampaha District Featured

    “Let’s Stand together for the Country” National Development Program - Gampaha District 812 projects implemented to benefit 218513 beneficiaries during the first day (July 29)

    “Let’s Stand together for the country” National Development Program is implemented by the Presidential Secretariat under the concept of His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena and the sixth program is being implemented in 13 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Gampaha District. Mr. Sunil Jayalath, the District Secretary, Gampaha said that the government has provided relief to 218, 513 people through 812 projects yesterday (29) resolving public issues pending.

    Presidential Secretariat, Government Ministries, Departments, Statutory Boards, Provincial Councils, Local Authorities, Armed Forces, Police and Private Sector Organizations have been involved in implementing development and social welfare projects in 1177 Grama Niladhari Divisions in Gampaha District. National programs such as Grama Shakthi, Kidney Prevention, Dengue Prevention, Food Security, Drug Prevention, Protect Children, Smart Sri Lanka, Sustainable Education and Environmental Protection are being implemented at village level under the direct supervision of the Presidential Secretariat and will be followed by public workshops, seminars, workshops and awareness programs. The program also empowers the government machinery by conducting mobile services to solve problems that the public needs to solve.

    Nine Grama Shakthi programs have been launched in parallel to the “Let’s Stand together for the country” National Development Program launched in Gampaha District yesterday (29) and a total of 748 persons were granted relief. Further, relief was granted to 1287 persons through eight programs under the Kidney Prevention National
    Program. In addition, 656 programs were implemented under the Gama Rekuma Program, 149 Dengue Prevention Programs, 14 programs under the Protect The Children Program, 04 programs under the Smart Sri Lanka Program, 4 Environmental Programs, 9 Food Security Programs, 8 welfare programs for the elderly and persons with special needs, 64 Drug Prevention Programs and 2 Productivity Development Program were implemented. Gampaha District Special Media Center of the Department of Government Information announces that 33 development programs have been
     mplemented under various subjects providing relief to 218, 513 beneficiaries in addition to the above.

    Gampaha District Special Media Center
    Department of Government Information
    (Release No : 01 / 2019.07.30)

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