December 04, 2023
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    Propagating hatred or extremism will not be permitted Featured

    Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Minister Abdul Haleem yesterday informed Trustees of Mosques not to engage or permit any gathering of Jamaath to promote or propagate hatred or extremism in any form. Minister Haleem in a statement said the Board of Trustees of the mosque will be held responsible if such activities were conducted at mosques and they will be dealt with by the law.

    He said that these trustees of mosques will be held responsible under many laws including the Wakfs Law, ICCRP, Penal Code and Emergency Regulations. The Minister in his statement said all trustees are being directed to audio record all sermons of Jumma and their Masjids which should be forwarded to the Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Ministry.
    In the statement, the minister has said, these measures are taken to support the Police and Security Forces in combating terrorism. “The Board of Trustees are required to act with utmost responsibility and care. We request you to make use of your offices to maintain peace and harmony within the community, as well as other communities,” added Haleem. “We encourage you to invite clergy and religious dignitaries of other faiths to visit the mosques and address the Muslims with messages of peace and harmony.

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