December 04, 2023
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    No restriction on media Featured

    The Department of Government Information says that neither the Government nor the Department has imposed any restriction on media. Issuing a statement yesterday (11), the department said it has established a formal mechanism to disseminate the information with the coordination of all media institutions, and the media spokespersons of the Tri Forces and the Police.“A meeting was held last week at the Department of Government Information with heads of media institutions to discuss how information can be disseminated to media institutions.”

    “The social responsibility and the role of the media institutions to normalize the day to day life of the public were also discussed at this meeting,” Director General of Government Information Nalaka Kaluwewa said.He said the department requested the media institutions to telecast information confirmed by the media spokespersons of the Tri-Forces and the Police relating to raids on swords and knives to avoid telecasting unconfirmed information as it will lead to public tension and disturbances.

    The release as follows:

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