August 17, 2022
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    No shortage of essential drugs at any hospital

    The Medical Supplies Division of the Ministry of Health has assured that there is no shortage of medical drugs in any hospital. Making a special statement Medical Supplies Division Director Dr. A.T. Sudarshana said that there is no shortage of essential drugs at present and measures have been taken to supply sufficient stocks of drugs.

    He explained that on many occasions a particular drug will be ordered when a cancer patient is identified. It takes at least a week or a month to secure an order. Such drugs which are expensive and cost more than Rs. 250,000 for a vial.

    He said this is a situation that should be identified in the world drugs supply network. Since these medication is provided for a specific timeframe, such it would not affect the treatment given to the patient. Other than that he said that there is no shortage of drugs in the country.

    If there is a shortage of any drug in a hospital and if it is an essential drug to the hospital, the Director of the particular hospital is granted permission to purchase the drug from outside, the official further said.


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